Purpose with Pleasure- Aesop does the Myer windows


Aesop stores and windows have always been more like theatre sets than stores.

Always unique.  Always intriguing.

With the Nasotheque, an event happening in Myer store windows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane they have taken intriguing to a new level with a combination of theatre, art, exhibitionism, humour and visual merchandising


A troupe of impassive mad scientists, create plaster casts of noses which go on display on a trophy wall for all to see.

The noses are cast from passersby in the casting lab.

People are able to touch and smell six nose casts, which have been infused with Aesop’s signature essential oils.

Touching disembodied noses is really cool.


“Some people think it’s marvelous, some people think it’s really strange. We are happy as long as it is intriguing, that has been our intent from the very beginning.”

Aesop’s visual merchandising manager, Carolyn Jackson

Now playing in a magazine near you

Marie Claire in the UK has a page in mag (in a couple of thousand copies at least) that plays a 45″ Dolce & Gabbana video with sound when readers open the page.

Technology by the US firm Americhip, which has already used it in foreign titles, including Russian Vogue.

My thoughts:

1. The visual content is not what I consider compelling.  Instead of showing a TVC, why not show me something of higher value, something I won’t see on TV.  Could have worked better for a fashion label with a look at the new season looks or similar.

2. Broadcast via a page- a bit old school.  I think the new players that run through consumers phones that allow for interactive functionality are of much greater value.

Feels a bit like innovation for the sake of it.  Yes people will have a high curiosity factor, but what will they remember?  Is it of value for a perfume brand to be remembered as the brand that ran a video ad?

That said, with the right content, this style of advertising could be effective.


One question though: can I put this page in the recycling?