The Lego Universe really is taking over ad reimagined using Lego

The Lego Movie.  It’s doing great box office in Australia and giving the Lego brand a great boost.  I’m a fan.

In the movie, the lego universe is real.  And on ITV, they promoted the movie in an ad break on ITV where all the other ads were reimagined using lego.

That’s what I call a takeover.

Agency: PHD


People Watching: Digital Natives

Pity the poor parent, 8.30am a crowded trainline.  No, not crowded, packed.  Like sardines.

And you have to take your 2 year old to day care before work.

Thank God you are bringing up a kid who was born digital.

This 2 year old she swiped her way into iview, back to ABC kids and then into a game complicated enough to have me wondering what you were supposed to do.


Digital Native

Born Digital


Leaving mum completely free to indulge in her old school medium of choice.

digital native and her mum

Intergenerational media consumption

Digital and physical- merging soon at a supermarket near you

Milk Apples Bread Eggs

This beautiful bag available in my favourite digtial market place: Etsy (The Fox in the Attic)

Grocery Buyers.  Oh eternal mystery.  We all do it.  But who understands it.

Mi9 have just brought out a new piece of research on the Modern Grocery Buyer and I loved some of the examples they showed to illustrate the blurring of digital and physical that is defining the future of grocery purchase.

12% of consumers are still searching for recipes in store.  So what if your digital shopping trolley gave you recipe suggestions as you cruised around the store?

Hellman’s have already done it.  In Brazil.

In the supermarket space, Tesco’s seem to be leading the way.  What if consumers could scan their groceries as they go through the supermarket?  What if facial recognition technology could help identify when the broccoli needs refilling? What about digitising shelf edge labels?  Donn’t worry.  Tesco’s are onto it.  And more besides.


My personal challenge: extend every FMCG idea in store digitally.  Possible?



I don’t think the Richmond Football Club were expecting to lose against the Gold Coast Suns in the first round of the AFL.  Why should they, the Suns have not exactly shone to date.

Is it a bit over confident to partner with your main sponsor and launch a campaign idea off the anticipated win?

Because that’s what they did, launching “Drive Home Proud” – a campaign to “celebrate the feeling you get when you know you’ve given your all and have been rewarded for doing so, whether you’re a player or a fan.”

I like the fans video, it captures that great feeling after a win.  Just a shame it launched on a loss.

Luckily there was no social media debacle, the hashtag just didn’t really take off.

Jeep offered this dignified tweet at the final siren.


And apart from that, the feed was dominated by one sad fan, Melanie, who addressed a tweet to each of the Richmond players with a #gotiges she’d written in the sand of the Gold Coast.  Sweet, Melanie, sweet.


Let’s hope they can do better tonight against Carlton!

Disclosure: I am married to a Richmond fan and have shared many post game drives with him that were not so proud (and not in a Jeep)

Drop and give me 30!

Moscow Subway campaign

Moscow subway commuters will be able to pay for a subway ticket with 30 squats instead of 30 rubles in a campaign that sets out to communicate that the Olympics is about more than just watching, its abuot participating.

The goal is to “add elements of sport into daily life.”  Other executions include a bike that generates electricity to recharge your mobile phone and handles hanging on buses that have been turned into exercise bands.

“We wanted to show that the Olympic Games is not just an international competition that people watch on TV, but that it is also about getting everyone involved in a sporting lifestyle,” Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee, said to Russian state news wire RIA-Novosti, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A bit gimmicky, but hey, it’s a bit of fun.  A nice addition for a public health campaign perhaps?

Certainly superior to Myki!  And possible with readily available Kinect technology.


How to get what you want for Christmas this year

Kikki.K Art of Hint Giving activation

Kikki.K Art of Hint Giving activation

If you’ve seen one Christmas brief, you’ve seen them all.

Increase store visits. Increase sales.  Increase basket size.

Cut through the Christmas noise.

Help mum make Christmas special.

It ain’t easy.  And it really feels like one of those territories where every idea has already been had.

And then someone comes along with a simple idea, elegantly executed.  And you say to yourself, I wish I’d thought of that!

Like the kikki.K  Art of Hint Giving campaign.

Asking consumers to use kikki.K as part of their hint giving ritual.  Not forcing them to wish for kikki.K stuff.  Letting them create content that can be as fun as the campaign itself.

The ultimate utility?  Opening a gift on Christmas Day that you actually love.

Some cute images coming in already

Some cute images coming in already

What’s your favourite Christmas campaign?  Do any good ones spring to mind?

Great Branded Entertainment Case Studies Part I: Kiwi Sceptics

Branded Entertainment seems to be on everyone’s mind at the moment, what with the Mumbrella conference and awards recently.

Time perhaps to take a closer look at some of the award winning work- the ideas and what they did right.

Part 1 for your reading pleasure is the Kiwi Sceptics campaign by Host for Air New Zealand which won Bronze in the Best integration or Brand storytelling  – non-fiction and Best Trans-Media categories.

The Idea: Take 5 people who are sceptical about NZ as a destination for all the usual reasons, send them to NZ under false pretences and create content out of the resulting revelations.

Do it all with a sense of self-deprecating fun, narrated by Rhys Darby (his voice will be familiar from The Flight of the Conchords) and you’re onto a winner.

Take a look at The Case Study or The Work  itself




Not only is the content solid, the amplification and conversion have been thought through- doesn’t always happen!

  • Amplification via a TV Show – using Lara Bingle as the 5th New Zealand Sceptic and integrating her adventure into the show (it’s not Host’s fault that the show’s ratings were enough to make a sceptic blush)
  • Conversion tie in of a retail offer to convert the customer beyond the content.  Just a simple $150 off.

My only wish, perhaps dispense with the seemingly obligatory helicopter footage.  Feels like it was listed under mandatories in the client brief.


What do you think?  Love it? Hate it?