I don’t think the Richmond Football Club were expecting to lose against the Gold Coast Suns in the first round of the AFL.  Why should they, the Suns have not exactly shone to date.

Is it a bit over confident to partner with your main sponsor and launch a campaign idea off the anticipated win?

Because that’s what they did, launching “Drive Home Proud” – a campaign to “celebrate the feeling you get when you know you’ve given your all and have been rewarded for doing so, whether you’re a player or a fan.”

I like the fans video, it captures that great feeling after a win.  Just a shame it launched on a loss.

Luckily there was no social media debacle, the hashtag just didn’t really take off.

Jeep offered this dignified tweet at the final siren.


And apart from that, the feed was dominated by one sad fan, Melanie, who addressed a tweet to each of the Richmond players with a #gotiges she’d written in the sand of the Gold Coast.  Sweet, Melanie, sweet.


Let’s hope they can do better tonight against Carlton!

Disclosure: I am married to a Richmond fan and have shared many post game drives with him that were not so proud (and not in a Jeep)


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