Now playing in a magazine near you

Marie Claire in the UK has a page in mag (in a couple of thousand copies at least) that plays a 45″ Dolce & Gabbana video with sound when readers open the page.

Technology by the US firm Americhip, which has already used it in foreign titles, including Russian Vogue.

My thoughts:

1. The visual content is not what I consider compelling.  Instead of showing a TVC, why not show me something of higher value, something I won’t see on TV.  Could have worked better for a fashion label with a look at the new season looks or similar.

2. Broadcast via a page- a bit old school.  I think the new players that run through consumers phones that allow for interactive functionality are of much greater value.

Feels a bit like innovation for the sake of it.  Yes people will have a high curiosity factor, but what will they remember?  Is it of value for a perfume brand to be remembered as the brand that ran a video ad?

That said, with the right content, this style of advertising could be effective.


One question though: can I put this page in the recycling?




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