2 Screens Bad. 4 Screens Good.

A new study from Google (The New Multi-Screen World: Understanding Cross Platform Consumer Behaviour, August 2012)  has some interesting pointers when it comes to building the content across various screens for campaigns.

Most of it reinforces common sense.  I love how concise it is.

Some great thought-starters for those of us who design campaign experiences:

The four screens account for 90% of all media interactions.

The phone is the most common starting point and the most common companion device.

TV is the major prompt for search.

There are 2 forms of Multiscreening behaviour:

1. Sequential Screening

2. Simultaneous Screening

Which breaks out into 2 groups. Unrelated activity and Complementary activity.

Where do you take the consumer after they have seen your ad, or while they are watching your ad?


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